Creating wealth without destroying it, moving away from the extractive economic model towards a regenerative system, integrating this demanding dimension into all our activities, in order to participate in this economic shift, in the service of living beings: this is our primary ambition.

Holiste cannot be content simply to reduce its carbon footprint in order to be a sustainable company. It is consciously seeking to broaden its socio-ecological footprint, by taking into account the unified systems of environmental health: human, animal and plant.

Environmental requirements, the circular economy and eco-design have been constants since the beginning of the company's life, but our wish today is to go further and to participate in this new dynamic driven by many players from all walks of life to create tomorrow.

Holiste cultivates Reliance - of separate knowledge, arts and sciences - with you and with partners committed to new understandings and sharing.

Scientific and technical research

Bringing together and leading multi-disciplinary scientific teams focused on respect for living things, as part of Holiste's raison d'être.

Global health

Cellular oxygenation as a basis for overall human health and animal well-being, through the bol d'air method, which protects and regenerates natural defences, so that users can take charge of their own health and well-being.


An approach that integrates respect for the environment, eco-design and eco-production.

Today, the term eco-design covers a structured and standardised environmental approach to which we subscribe for our design projects, with support from ADEME and CETIM.

Choice and origin of materials, use of recycled materials, product life cycle, reparability, electricity consumption, environmental savings... All these aspects are analysed and taken into account.

Reducing water and energy consumption, recycling waste: membership of Eco-systèmes (collection, recycling and depollution of used electrical appliances, in compliance with the highest environmental and social standards. Eco-systèmes is an eco-organisation approved by the public authorities for the WEEE [Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment] sector).

Made In France as an economic and social project

> Developing employment in Burgundy

Holiste is based in Artaix, in the south of Burgundy. Its founder wanted to promote employment in this rural region. Today, Holiste has around thirty employees in the canton of Marcigny, the neighbouring commune, and production is carried out locally.

There's no question of relocating!

80% local suppliers

Local preference also applies to suppliers.

> BioGemme in Aquitaine

As part of our commitment to Made in France, we decided to set up BioGemme in Aquitaine (Europe's largest coniferous forest), to harvest the pine resin we need for our development.

With an innovative method of harvesting pine resin that is modern, environmentally-friendly and economically viable, we are helping to revive this long-established activity in the Landes region, creating a new trade and new jobs.

The initiative is supported by the DIRRECTE, the Landes General Council, the Aquitaine and Burgundy regions, BPI France and Europe.