Pollution, stress, illness, aging… So many situations that reduce the efficiency of breathing, cause a lack of oxygen for each of our cells and altering the overall functioning of the body. Integrating the Jacquier Bol d'air into your daily life is a solution for regaining balanced oxygenation.

Why make Bol d'air a part of your lifestyle?

The Bol d'air is the only natural oxygenation method capable of providing the cell with the oxygen it needs, without hyper oxygenation and without risk of free radicals. It is intended for anyone concerned with fully benefiting from their abilities, or preserving or restoring their health capital, regardless of their physical condition:

> to limit the effects of pollution on our bodies
> to improve recovery in case of chronic fatigue and stress
> to preserve intellectual, physical, and sensory abilities
> To support weight loss
> for the preparation and physical and mental recovery of athletes
> to support teenagers during exam periods

Regular use

The Bol d'air is recommended for daily use, it is the regularity of the sessions that determines their effectiveness.

> Start with a few minutes a day, then gradually increase according to your judgement, each session should be a pleasant experience.
> The rhythm and duration of the sessions vary from person to person.
> It is more effective to do several short sessions in a day rather than one long one.
> There is no need to prolong a session beyond 15 minutes on the Tonic model and 6 minutes on the Aero2 model.

It is essential to breathe normally without forcing your breathing rate.
The Bol d'air can also be used as an intensive treatment of 20 to 30 days, either at home or in one of the 500 authorised Bol d'air centres.