Above all, it's the men and women who make the company what it is.

Management and operations: a cheerful, versatile and committed team

Thirty employees contribute to the company's development.

The diversity of skills, expertise and complementarities within this team are what make it so rich: experienced people, young graduates, we integrate all types of profiles - it's the commitment that prevails.

This committed team shares a common vision:
> Global environmental health
> Eco-responsibility
> Collective benevolence
> Listening to and respecting our customers
> A quality approach

Collective intelligence at the service of the company

Our team is involved in organisational thinking and project development. It finds its strength and dynamism in a collaborative approach.

It works towards quality and the continuous improvement of processes and products, by pooling its knowledge, skills and analytical abilities.

Together, we enjoy exploring, experimenting, sharing and supporting...

Key services

Holiste has recruited a wide range of skills to ensure that its vocation and activity are fully fulfilled internally: technicians, design office, information system expert, marketing specialists, customer advisers, chemists, etc.