Health professionals, owners, trainers and stables... they all share concern for the well-being of their horses.
They’ve tried the Bol d'air Equin, are convinced of its benefits and have agreed to share their experience with you.

Doctor Jean Servantie, veterinarian

‘It’s not often that I am so surprised by a device: the Jacquier Bol d'air is garnering a great reputation in my work.
The amount of mild respiratory failure has recently experienced a sharp increase, certainly due to climate change, the evolution of flora, agricultural techniques, habitat and perhaps certain therapies.
The Jacquier Bol d'air helps to physically prepare horses for exercise by giving them a surprising degree of respiratory comfort.
A beautiful and natural way to bring well-being to working horses, which is clearly what it does, the results of which are quickly observed by riders.
I'm certain that there are a lot of horses who will benefit from this.’

Marie-Debombourg, founder of SPA EQUINEA

‘Having already used the human Jacquier Bol d’air for more than 15 years, we are convinced that this device is extremely beneficial for horses if used correctly.
This is the reason why we took the opportunity to purchase one for the stables.
Within the EQUINEA SPA, the Bol d’air Equin is used every day for show jumping competition horses, whether they are preparing for the competition season or recovering from an injury. On a daily basis, in our stable, each horse has the opportunity to benefit from it.
We have noticed that each horse reacts differently to the Bol d'air Equin: many close their eyes and enjoy the 8-minute sessions while others remain calm and seem to want more. Some horses may lower their heads and fall asleep while others, younger ones, may move their heads a little; it is therefore essential to remain by your horse’s side during the session. Asthmatic horses or those with slight respiratory deficiencies have already demonstrated the effectiveness of the treatment in just one week.
In terms of use, it’s easy to position on the cart in order to fit the horse with the mask in the grooming area. Positioning the horse under the solarium during its Bol d'air treatment also allows it to benefit from a moment of total relaxation, especially during the winter break to prepare for possible allergies. You will sometimes have to change the filter very often due to the dust in the stable, but if the unit is stored carefully in a closed cupboard, you won’t have this issue. The mask can be fitted with simpler hooks that can be clipped with one hand, which can be more practical when you are using your other hand to keep hold of the horse. Disinfecting the mask after each use is also recommended, especially if several horses are using the device in a row. There is also the option of attaching the Bol d'air to the bars of the horsebox on the condition that the horse does not move inside or headbutt it. We don’t use this option because our rungs don’t allow it to be hung correctly.
It's easier to bring the trolley with the Bol d'air to the grooming area. We recommend equipping your space with an extension cord at height so there is no wire trailing on the ground to connect the Bol d'air Equin, or even a battery would be ideal for this device.
We are convinced of the benefits obtained through the Bol d'air Equin and wholeheartedly recommend it for preventive or curative treatment.’

Aurore C. - Pharmacist - Franche-Comté - France

‘I recently used the Bol d'air Equin for my horse who suffers from chronic respiratory problems. Oregon is a 21 year old French riding horse, since last year he has had issues with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which presents as intense coughing fits and an increase in his respiratory rate. This is managed through nebulisations with corticosteroids and bronchodilators on an almost daily basis. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use this device on horses. Made from high quality, strong and durable materials that will last for many uses.
It is also very easy to use, particularly due to the magnetic tips which allow the machine to be connected to the mask worn by the horse. The mask connected to the halter is also of very good quality and fits perfectly to the horse's head, offering optimal comfort. Being used to nebulisations, using the mask was even easier for Oregon, from the second session, he was accustomed to immersing his nose in it, which undoubtedly testifies that he could feel the effect of its benefits!
Each session lasts only 8 minutes, which was very easy to integrate into the daily care routine for my horse. But what was really impressive was to see how Oregon reacted to each session. He was taking deep breaths and his whole body was completely relaxed. He closed his eyes during each session, showing that he was enjoying breathing in this purified air. I've never seen such an effect on my horse.
Beyond the beneficial impact on his respiratory comfort, Oregon showed a real increase in energy and cheerfulness on each outing. I must say what a joy it is to see your horse showing themselves to be in such good health!
The ease of setting up for each session has allowed us to adapt the time of these sessions according to the needs of the horse. In fact, we observed the best results by doing one session before each outing. On average, we did two 8-minute sessions per day for 2 months.
Lastly, we also had the opportunity to try out the Bol d'air on another horse and two ponies who had no respiratory problems. The mask fits onto each horse’s head perfectly and our horses enjoyed these periods of relaxation and serenity.’

Jean-Marc Gentil, massage and physiotherapist, specialised in the physical preparation of riders

During a competition period such as Equita, the use of the Bol d'air is beneficial both from a physiological and an emotional point of view. Physiologically speaking, it is very important to encourage the oxygenation of the body to avoid hypoxia and as a result allow the rider to stay focused for longer and improve their performance. I use it for both cardio-respiratory preparation and pure muscle preparation. Optimising the oxygen supply is all the more important in indoor competitions such as Equita because it will allow us to replicate outdoor conditions as closely as possible. From a mental point of view, the Bol d'air will play a role in the rider's concentration levels before the competition. During a session, the rider is focused on their breathing, they enter their bubble and clear their mind. The reduction in their breathing rate allows them to reduce their heart rate and as a result lower their stress level. This also applies to the recovery phase, which allows the rider to release both emotional and muscular pressure at the end of the race. As long as the tool is easy to set up and the session lasts a short time, I wouldn’t hesitate to also recommend its use to the Equita staff who, in the heat of the action, may need an “oxygenation” break to release stress for a few moments and recharge the batteries!’

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