Regular use for the well-being of horses

The Bol d'air Equin can be used daily or for seasonal treatments.

Ideally, a daily session should be offered for the horse’s well-being and comfort:

  • One session, an hour before and/or half an hour after training to facilitate recovery
    (no session if the horse is hyperventilating).
  • One session before and after or during treatment, in order for the horse to remain mobile and reduce stress.

If it’s not possible for your horse to do daily sessions, a course of treatment can also be highly effective, for instance, having several sessions per day for three weeks. Multiple sessions can be conducted per day once the horse becomes accustomed to it.
Horses have also been seen to ‘request’ the sessions, spontaneously turning towards the Bol d’air Equin if it is in the vicinity of the horse.

Bol d'air treatments are recommended to fight against the limiting factor that is hypoxia linked to lifestyle: being transported in a horsebox or trailer, during seasonal changes, before and during periods of allergies or preparing for physical exercise…

What happens in a Bol d’air Equin session?

On first use, the bottle of the Bol d’air Equine device is only filled with Orésine up to the indicative line. Only Orésine must be used with the Bol d'air Equin and this must not be applied in any other way.

The Bol d'air Equin can be stably attached to the horsebox, or installed on the trolley provided for this purpose, and plugged into the power supply. The set-up area must be flat in order to measure the level of Orésine correctly.

Fit your horse with the mask provided, and then connect it directly to the device via the flexible magnetic hose.
This connection is magnetic so if the horse moves a little, the hose will unhook by itself. This means there is no risk of breakage or the horse getting hurt during the session.
It is best to stay with the horse during the session.

The first discovery session is always short, 1 to 2 minutes. If they seem content, proceed straight to a second 6-minute session. Generally, the sessions are 8 minutes long. The device stops at the end of the session.
It’s important to progress slowly depending on the horse's reactions.

Easy maintenance for maximum effectiveness

The Bol d'air Equin device is easy to maintain, 3 steps are all you need, but are essential for the proper functioning and effectiveness of the sessions:

  • Change the Orésine product and clean the peroxidation module  a maximum of every three weeks. The device should be kept clean and not sticky.
  • Change the air filter at the same time as the bottle of Orésine, or before if necessary.
  • Clean and disinfect the mask between each use, especially when a different horse is going to be using the device.