In the heart of Paris, take a Bol d'air Jacquier break and recharge your batteries. Enter a soothing world, breathe as you would in a forest, experience a disconnected, free moment, listening to your body and your own creativity.

Holiste Les Ateliers is a place designed for exchange, learning, experimentation and a holistic approach to the body, through breathing, cellular oxygenation and movement.

Holiste Les Ateliers surprises, questions, makes you see and feel!

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29 boulevard Henri IV - 75004 PARIS
Between the Bastille and Sully-Morland metro station exits

Because breathing well doesn't necessarily mean getting plenty of oxygen, we offer a Bol d'air session before and after each practical workshop to maximise its effects.

This is where Holiste Les Ateliers comes into its own and where we express our raison d'être.

When it comes to oxygen, breathing through the lungs is just the first stage of the journey.

Then there's the bloodstream and finally, the ultimate goal, the mitochondria at the heart of the cell.

Breathing correctly and consciously for even just a few minutes each day is fundamental, and there are many ways of achieving this: dynamic breathing, relaxation, etc. However, these methods are often insufficient to offset the under-oxygenation of cells linked to our lifestyles, stress, pollution and the normal ageing of tissues. Discover the Bol d'air solution.

Bol d'air Jacquier

A place to breathe the forest.

Because pollution, stress and chronic fatigue are your daily lot, we offer you the bol d'air solution to improve the oxygenation of your cells.

The area is freely accessible, and you can enjoy a free introductory session. Packages of sessions are then available for extended or daily cures.

Bring your children or grandchildren with you, as the sessions are free all year round.

For regular use at home, you can opt to hire the equipment or buy your own.

La Cerisaie

A space adapted to the practice of breathing and movement through bodywork that respects the physiology and capacities of each individual.

Get to know your breathing better, understand your anatomy, (re)find your personal dynamics, gently, reinvent yourself through creativity and listening to yourself.

Holiste Les Ateliers invites you, whatever your age, to develop your kinaesthetic sense, that fine, sensitive, all-encompassing perception of your body that nurtures vitality.

These practical workshops form the basis of conscious breathing.

The courses are given by accredited professionals, in group or individual sessions. A programme is offered every six months.

La Réserve

A space open to contemporary creation and artistic events, an art gallery.

In step with the life of the space and Parisian events, Holiste Les Ateliers offers a programme called "Les Appels d'Air".

You'll be able to experience and meet the artists.

Venue hire

> For your company meetings/seminars

Choose a space that combines health and work!
Take advantage of our 80 m2 to welcome your staff and enjoy Bol d'air Jacquier sessions throughout the day.

The half-hour "Sensory Bubble" is included in the rental price, and is designed to raise awareness of somatic practices and, in particular, optimise sitting posture and in particular to optimise sitting posture.

"La Réserve" (30 m2 in the basement) can be converted into a rest room or a room for working on a table.

> For your courses, workshops and training sessions

Choose the "Cerisaie" space.

Contact us on 01 42 78 42 09.