The Bol d’air optimises the oxygenation of the body. It increases and maintains our ability to assimilate normally breathed oxygen.
This unique method contributes to maintaining a good overall state of health.

Objective: to breathe more efficiently

Our ability to use the oxygen in the air decreases due to many factors such as pollution, living conditions, stress, ageing and disease...
The Bol d'air provides a solution to the resulting cellular under-oxygenation (hypoxia).
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When we breathe, oxygen enters the bottom of the alveoli in the lungs. It forms an unstable bond with hemoglobin and with it forms oxyhemoglobin.
Oxyhemoglobin, carried by the blood throughout the body, releases its oxygen to the cells in an assimilable form. It re-oxygenates itself by returning to the lungs and the cycle begins again.
In the air we breathe, even in cases of extreme pollution, oxygen is constantly available and its concentration has been 21% for thousands of years. If our cells are lacking in oxygen, it’s our ability to use it that’s responsible.

The Bol d’air solution inspired by nature

Aware of the fact that simply increasing the quantity of oxygen breathed in was not the solution, René Jacquier, chemist, researcher and inventor, wanted to find a natural, easily accessible medium that could be transformed into an oxygen carrier. Having observed that since ancient times, healthcare sites (sanatorium and aerium) were located in forests of pines and firs, from observations to experiments, he focused his efforts on the air of the conifer forests, which brought him an answer to his questions. For more than 75 years, his work has continued to be confirmed by scientific observations and publications.

The role of pine resin essential oil

Landes pine resin(Pinus Pinaster) , rich in alpha and beta-pinenes, is composed of unsaturated aromatic molecules that offer the possibility of additional chemical bonding. In the atmosphere and under certain physical and meteorological conditions, they are highly charged with oxygen, which makes them very reactive. It is from this natural phenomenon that René Jacquier conceived the Bol d'air solution: using the essential oil of pine resin (turpentine) to create an oxygen carrier.
Orésine is this essential oil of optimal quality, harvested in an ecological way.

Highly assimilable oxygen

The pinenes of this essential oil, Orésine, transformed by peroxidation, become facilitators of cellular oxygenation. Hence the name of biocatalysts given to them by René Jacquier.

The mechanism is threefold:
> Oxygen is better distributed to the tissues. Hemoglobin ‘captures’ oxygenated pinenes more readily than oxygen alone. At an equivalent quantity in the inspired air, it transports more of it to the cells.
Oxygen, transported via pinenes, is less easily bound to hemoglobin and more easily released by cells.
> Oxygen is delivered in a nascent form, highly assimilable by the cell.

Balanced cellular oxygenation

With the Bol d’air, the body is simply and naturally better oxygenated:
> cellular respiration takes place without the risk of oxidative stress linked to a deficit or excess of oxygen
> Improved mitochondrial function:

  • increased energy production
  • strengthening anti-radical defenses
  • the bioavailability of oxygen is improved.

This approach does not involve inhaling more oxygen, nor introducing oxygen into the body by other quantitative methods (via water or using pressurised air). It is safe and non-addictive.