The Bol d'air promotes more efficient breathing by sustainably stimulating the assimilation of oxygen in the cells. An effective ally for training, endurance and recovery...

Oxygen, an athlete's primary source of energy

Oxygenation is a key parameter of sports performance, just like nutrition or hydration.
The Bol d’air promotes balanced oxygenation: it improves the transport of oxygen to the tissues and promotes its assimilation. This results in an increase in energy production, but also in the body's anti-radical defenses (capacity for resisting oxidative stress).

The Bol d’air is an effective ally for:
> preparing for training
> managing competition stress
> gaining stamina
> improving performance
> optimising recovery.


Intended to show you that not only is breathing a source of energy, but also that it can become a kind of sixth sense. A sixth sense, like an extraordinarily fine perception, which tells you at every moment what your physical... and mental potential is.

Bol d’air, a natural and non-doping process

At the heart of the Bol d’air process: an essential oil of turpentine (Pinus Pinaster) with properties known since ancient times. Using the Bol d’air has no side effects.

The Jacquier Bol d'air is not a doping agent:
> essential oils are not included in the list of doping products
> the Bol d’air improves respiratory function without artificially modifying the consumption, transport or release of oxygen
> the inhalation of natural aromatic molecules does not modify blood markers.

The Bol d’air helps to create a physiological environment conducive to establishing lasting good health.
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The athletes who trust us

Who better to talk about the Bol d'air to athletes, than athletes?

They come from a variety of disciplines, primarily those requiring endurance and recovery. They need the most efficient respiratory cycle possible, from the moment the air enters their nostrils, until the moment when the oxygen reaches the mitochondria at the heart of the cell, to participate in the production of energy.

Among them are:
Ultra trail runners like Xavier Thévenard and Nicolas Arbib,  François Chabaud, former triathlete on the Nice Ironman podium several times, William Accambray, member of the French Handball team, cyclists with Doctor Gérard Guillaume from the FDJ , free diver Thomas Bouchard, boxer Jean-Baptiste Chartier, and Stéphane Ricard, world champion in snowshoe racing...

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