Raw pine resin is a healing liquid produced by the pine tree. Contained in its resin canals, this resin is secreted by the tree in response to external aggressions, such as wounds or insect attacks.

Pinus Pinaster, or maritime pine, was chosen for the BioGemme programme because of the particular and superior qualities of its resin (gem). It is one of the most widespread pine species in mainland France.

The raw pine resin (raw gem) harvested by BioGemme does not contain the highly allergenic molecule Delta-3-Carene. This means it can be used for medical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and plant health applications.

Biogemme's closed-vessel harvesting method produces a pure, fluid resin. Before distillation, it is made up of 70% rosin and 30% turpentine (harvested in pots only contains 20% turpentine, the remaining 10% being made up of impurities such as pine needles, bark, etc.). The two parts collected in the bag are rich in turpentine and rosin, although the liquid part is slightly richer in turpentine than the solid part.

Distillation, carried out by the Biolandes company, is a gentle and specific process, with no added chemicals.

The resulting applications are of interest to a wide range of manufacturers.