Extracted from the bark of Landes maritime pine (Pinus Pinaster), Pycnogenol is a bioactive extract. 

A formidable synergy with Bol d'air Jacquier : 

- Bol d'air Jacquier = creation of oxygen carriers

- Pycnogenol = improved blood circulation

- Bol d'air Jacquier + Pycnogenol = more efficient cell oxygenation


       - Promotes healthy airways and optimizes respiratory function

       - Strengthens capillaries and improves microcirculation


Dosage based on clinical studies. Capsules should be taken with water. For adults only. Do not overdose. Consult a doctor if pregnant or breast-feeding. 

For 50 mg capsules: 1 to 4 per day

Patented product. Contains Oligo-Pro Anthocyanidin (OPC) polyphenols.

This product is not a medicine. It should be taken in conjunction with a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Pycnogenol - Maritime pine OPC


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Data sheet
  • Capacity : Box of 60 capsules
  • Brand : DYNVEO
  • Origin : France
  • Packaging : Sugar cane, 100% compostable, vegetable-based ink and label
  • Composition : 100% vegetable capsules, free from additives, sugar, harmful excipients, controversial substances, harmful solvents, GMOs, nanoparticles.