Impact of Bol d'air Jacquier sessions on the fatigability of obese people (BMI > 30): about an observational study

Located in Bouc-Bel-Air in the Bouches du Rhône, in a wooded and relaxing setting, the Saint-Christophe Clinic is a Medical Rehabilitation Care (SMR) establishment. The ÉQUILIBRE program (day hospital) is intended to support chronic illnesses linked to obesity and diabetes. Patients are received in reduced numbers, for sessions of 10 days (5 days per week for two weeks, adjustable if necessary).

Doctor, nutritionist, endocrinologist, sports coach, psychologist, dietician, nurse, theater company... A team of professionals trained in therapeutic education supports the patient in strengthening their knowledge and their empowerment for the management of their illness, with an approach integrative care.

The Bol d’air was integrated into this program in order to evaluate its impact on the fatigability of these obese people.

Using 3 sessions of 3 minutes per day, for 8 days, they were able to establish a score on the fatigue parameter and the need for recovery.

Results of the observational study

The evaluation shows a benefit of the EQUILIBRIUM program on the fatigue of obese patients. This benefit is reinforced by the Bol d’air Jacquier sessions. It is more important and significant in patients with significant fatigue and benefiting from Bol d'air sessions.

Bol d'air sessions provide a significant improvement in fatigue in obese patients (BMI>30) in the EQUILIBRIUM program, with significant asthenia.

Chronic fatigue


> Non-specific symptom present in all diseases, consequence of numerous treatments.
> Common symptom in obese people.
> Significant impact on individual well-being.
> Complex organic and psycho-social etiology beyond sleep disorders.
> Need for better assessment and support.



> Single-center analytical observational cohort study, on overweight population (BMI>30)
> 2 groups (by random drawing): one without BAJ, the second with BAJ (3 sessions of 3 minutes / day)
> Information and consent form



Two evaluation questionnaires are carried out, at the beginning and end of the EQUILIBRIUM program (on D1 and D8): a questionnaire on fatigue (Multidimensional Inventory Fatigue or MIF score) and a questionnaire on the need for recovery BDR (Need for Recovery Scale ).

At the end of each day, a mini-questionnaire is completed by patients, regarding the assessment of their fatigue (Brief Fatigue Inventory or BFI score).

Dr ABOSSOLO, anesthetist-resuscitator and algologist trained in alternative and complementary medicine (Ericksonian hypnosis, homeopathy, phytoaromatherapy, therapeutic meditation, etc.).

Dr BRACCO, endocrinologist for adults, thyroid, diabetes and obesity.

Dr MIRALLES, general practitioner, trained in the management of obesity and diabetes.

Manuela PASTORE - Léa BESNARD - Christelle REYNES