Chemotyped turpentine essential oil, from the gem of the Pinus Pinaster pine, from the French and Portuguese Landes. It is the active ingredient of the Bol d'air method, the only product controlled and guaranteed by Holiste.

This product is labeled Ecocert.

To optimize the benefits of Bol d'air Jacquier, it is essential to renew the Orésine product every 3 to 4 weeks.
Should never be diluted or added to other products.

Product conservation:
The product must be stored away from light and heat.
After opening, its shelf life is 1 year and 3 years before opening.

Orésine - 1 liter


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Data sheet
  • Height : 22 cm
  • Diameter : 9 cm
  • Matter : brown glass
  • Conditioning : 1 litre