Origin and quality of our maritime pine essential oil

Our turpentine essential oil is entirely natural.

It is Ecocert certified and comes from the gem (resin) of the maritime pine, Pinus Pinaster, harvested in the French and Portuguese Landes regions.

Harvesting is carried out with care by Holiste's BioGemme department. It is the only product subject to rigorous controls and a quality guarantee by Holiste.

Specifically designed to be compatible with the Bol d'air and to guarantee the desired results, the resin undergoes a special distillation process. An additional step is also carried out after distillation, and the peroxidation index is adjusted to create the oxygen carrier.

How to store it

To maximise the beneficial effects of maritime pine essential oil, it is essential to renew Orésine every 3 to 4 weeks. Never dilute or mix this product with other substances. It is advisable to keep the product away from light and heat. If opened, maritime pine essential oil retains its properties for 1 year. If the bottle remains closed, it will keep for 3 years from the date of bottling, which can be identified by the batch number on the back of the label. For example, batch number L240206 corresponds to bottling on 06 February 2024.


Used and oxidised product is no longer suitable for inhalation.

Do not empty into drains.

You can dispose of the product at a waste collection centre, or use it as a :
- Paint and varnish solvent
- Cleaner for rough woodwork, terracotta and slate floors (2/3 linseed oil - 1/3 turpentine)
- Maintenance product for waxed furniture (mixed with beeswax)
- Stain remover for fresh paint, mould, grease, tar, etc.

Orésine - 1 liter


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  • Height : 22 cm
  • Diameter : 9 cm
  • Matter : brown glass
  • Conditioning : 1 litre
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